Would you like to have an attractive experience in the Kendo Dojo where 130 years tradition breathes?

●The Kendo Dojo named Koubukan was established in 1888 , more than 130
years ago.
The founder,Aijiro Ozawa was one of the most famous kendo leaders
in Japan and a Diet member.
His son Takashi Ozawa was also one of the most influential kendo
leaders and a chairman of the All Japan Kendo Dojo Federation.

●We all welcome foreign visiters who are eager to touch Japanese
traditional culture Kendo.
We would like to invite you and give you a deep spiritual and
physical experience with Sinai (bamboo sword) and so on. Please join us !

●2hours experience :5000 yen
With souvenir (Sinai)and so on :+5000yen

●contact: vt2i3i@bma.biglobe.ne.jp